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About LCN

Parents want to be certain that their children are staying in a safe and secure setting, and receiving loving care.

At LCN, you can feel confident you have made the right choice. We help you give your child the best. We provide care for children from nine months to pre-school age and combine a secure and caring environment where your child will feel happy with facilities to help them develop new skills, and be prepared to school.



Our curriculum

Our curriculum based on early childhood concepts and stressed on activities as cooking, dramatic play, creative art, painting, science, blocs, water play, sand play, creative movement, nursery rhythms, early literary and numeric, music and stories.

As well as, providing out door activities, we also offer a secure large indoor soft play room which provides an excellent facility to the children to roll, run and jump endlessly without any fear to hurt themselves.

Children's Learning

Each child at our nursery is accepted as an individual and is allowed to grow on his/her own pace in an environment where he/she can experience spontaneity, joy, wonder, enthusiasm, curiosity, challenge, failure, persistence and, most of all, success.






Program Goals

At Little Cherubs Nursery we aim to the following goals in our program:

  •   To provide a "home away from home"
  •   Value all the children as individuals
  •   To provide for each child to grow into his overfull capacity
  •   To build character in the children enables them to reach their full potential : Intellectually, physically, and morally
  •   To encourage independence
  •   To stimulate language development through hearing and using language
  •   To help children make choices
  •   To provide equipment and materials to encourage growth and development
  •   To encourage the development of skills in early literacy and early numeric
  •   To develop social skills
  •   To develop curiosity
  •   To encourage them asking questions and exploring their environment


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